There will be a system in which the starting times of same club’s orienteers will be timed for the period of one hour for each day in Fin5-orienteering week 2017. Each competitor is grouped to the group of his own orienteering club without the participant having to do anything to the matter.

If however, an orienteerer wants to become dealt with in the group of other than his/her own club in the allocation of starting times, he/she has to choose a secondary club to him/herself when entering or after that in IRMA-system at the latest 31.5.2017. When the secondary club has been chosen, the orienteerer’s starting time is dealt with in the group of this secondary club, not his/her own club.

Guide for marking secondary club in IRMA

If you have made your entry via email or our own web page please tell your secondary club by sending us email.