There are some small roads on competition area that orieneers will cross during the 4th and 5th race. Be careful when crossing the road! There are also some farm houses with macines in competition area, be careful also there. Forbidden areas are marked on the map and in the terrain, there will be tape around the area.

On 5th day, some of the competitors will use a map with scale 1:15 000. The older competitors will use a map that has been enlarged to the scale 1:75000, so the control circle on  the map can look quite a big as well as the number of the control.

On 4th and 5th days there will be code number next to the control number on the map.

Childrens’ courses

On friday, the children will cross a road and a deep ditch. In those crossings, there will be obligatory crossing points and tapes in the forest. The obiligatory crossing points are marked with yellow-red tape. The controls before the crossing points will be same in RR-classess and other childrens’ courses. In those controls, there will be two emit units. In those unit there will be RR-code and on those unit normal number code. You can punch whichever.

The distances of the RR class courses (measured along the tape)


H/D10RR, H/D9RR, taped course 2,9km, straight 1,8km

H/D8RR, family RR, taped course 2,5km, straight 1,6km


H/D10RR, H/D9RR, taped course 2,4km, straight 1,7km

H/D8RR, family RR, taped course 2,2,km, straight 1,5km