Fin5 2017

Bringing You and the future stars together
10.-15.7.2017 Tampere

What is Fin5

Fin5 Orienteering Week is one of the most popular orienteering events in Finland. It has been organized since 1984. Every year Fin5 gathers thousands of orienteers to enjoy their enthusiasm. Detailed information about Fin5

Fin5 2017 in Tampere

Fin5 2017 will be arranged at the same time with JWOC 2017 in Tampere in July 10th-15th. The event brings you and the future stars together. All the information for the competition, for example timetable, is gathered under the title Competition info.


There will be three different arenas for the competition. Two forest terrains (Särkänperä, Viitapohja) are located withing 30 minutes driving distance from the city center of Tampere. The sprint arena Pispala is a unique city center neighbourhood on top of a ridge with many trails and beautiful views down to two lakes.


There are a lot of choices for accommodation in Tampere. With all kinds of questions concerning  accommodation you will find information here.


Entries for the o-week should be made through the Irma-competition calender. For the foreign participants here`s English instructions for using IRMA-system.

Enjoy your visit

Tampere is the largest inland city in the Nordic counties and it is located between two gorgeous lakes. The city is the perfect mixture of urban nature, fun places and activities for kids and families. See more of what Tampere offers:

Something for all, but expecially..


For families

In categories H21AL-H70AL ja D21AL-D60AL you have free start time on all stages between pre defined time period. You can plan your own timetable more effectively and for example guide your children to their starts. The young athletes will meet international JWOC-competitors at the same arenas.

Fin5 2011, Lohja

For competitors

All the classes H/D16 and older (not H/D15-18B) will have a pursuit on the last day. The overall competition results in these classes are based on the order in which the competitors cross the finish line in the pursuit competition. We expect to have also international top-orienteers to the Fin5 competition.

For spectators

All three competition arenas are planned to be also audience-friendly.  There will be lots of space to cheer around the finish line.


Regarding the Jury discarded sprint classes (D45AL, D16A, D80, H55AL, H75, H80, D16E, D18E, H16E and H18E) there is possibility for the runners to apply for…

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Updated start lists can be found here: There will be following changes in H/D 9 RR and H/D10RR starting lists: D9RR-class will start time frame…

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Winners of all Fin5 series on Friday can get their delicious prizes from the tent next to the info point . You can pick your…

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