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  1. About the invalidated classes

    Regarding the Jury discarded sprint classes (D45AL, D16A, D80, H55AL, H75, H80, D16E, D18E, H16E and H18E) there is possibility for the runners to apply for…

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  2. Start lists

    Updated start lists can be found here: There will be following changes in H/D 9 RR and H/D10RR starting lists: D9RR-class will start time frame…

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  3. For the winners of Friday

    Winners of all Fin5 series on Friday can get their delicious prizes from the tent next to the info point . You can pick your…

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  4. Changes in H/D9RR starting times

    There is some overlapping in starting times in classes H/D9RR and there will be some changes in the morning.

  5. FamilyRR class start to close at 11am

    Start for the open FamilyRR class will be closed already at 11am unlike written in the competition instructions. This change was needed in order to…

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  6. Start times of pursuit classes

    Calculation of start times for the pursuit classes on Fin5 orienteering week has been delayed due to the unfortunate faults that occurred earlier this week.…

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  7. GPS units for H/D21E runners

    Pursuit start on the 5th competition day At the pursuit start on the 5th competition day some of the first starters in H21E and D21E…

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  8. Announcement from organizers 13.7.2017

    During the beginning of the Fin5 orienteering week there has been certain faults that have had negative impact on the fairness of the competition. On…

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  9. Invalidated sprint race results in some classes

    The sprint race results of classes D45AL, D16A, D80, H55AL, H75 and H80 invalidated due to the error in control codes. Also the sprint results…

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  10. Fin5 course setters information about 4th and 5th days

    There are some small roads on competition area that orieneers will cross during the 4th and 5th race. Be careful when crossing the road! There…

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