Event invitation

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Fin5 Orienteering Week

10.-15.7.2017, Tampere


Fin5 Orienteering Week program

Monday 10.7.  Viitapohja, middle distance

Tuesday 11.7.   Viitapohja, long distance

Wednesday 12.7. Pyynikki, sprint

Thursday 13.7. rest day

Friday 14.7. Särkänperä, middle distance

Saturday 15.7. Särkänperä, long distance


Competition rules

The competition will be governed by the rules of the Finnish Orienteering Association (SSL) and instructions given by organizer.



Viitapohja: Competition center is located at the end of the fjord-like bay of Näsijärvi called Paarlahti. Some parts of the terrain have a big height difference. The terrain ranges from highly detailed areas to coniferous forests and partially detailed slope areas. Runnability ranges from very good to good, depending on the type of the terrain. In dense green areas, runnability is lowered. Some forests with lowered runnability also exist, mainly in Middle Qualification. There are some dirt roads and quite a small number of paths in this terrain. The maximum height difference is about 70 meters.


Pispala: The competition area is varied and the height difference is bigger than in a normal sprint terrain in Finland. The courses are planned so that it is possible to run fast throughout the course. The terrain makes it possible to create different types of orienteering tasks for competitors. In addition, the height difference will create its own challenge for finding the fastest route possible.


Särkänperä: The area is located next to the terrain of Jukola 2008, to the south. The terrain varies from scarcely detailed coniferous forests to more detailed bare rock areas and very detailed slope areas. Runnability is mainly good and very good in some places. There are some dirt roads, and a small number of paths. The maximum height difference is about 60 meters.


Embargoed areas

Organizer will set a full embargo on the competition areas prior to the competition. Detailed infromation can be found at the Finnish Orienteering Association map register.


Registration and entry fees

  • Using of IRMA registration system
  • Participants from abroad can register via the IRMA registration system, via the Fin5 website, via email to fin5@koovee.fi or by post to: Fin5/Koovee, Sarvijaakonkatu 32, 33540 Tampere, Finland.

More detailed information about registration is available on the event’s website. Entry fee payments shall be made primarily via the IRMA registration system. When registering by mail or email, entry fees shall be paid immediately in connection with registration into the Fin5 Orienteering Week.


Bank account:


Bank address: HÄMEENKATU 12, 33101, TAMPERE, Finland

The participant shall pay all bank transfer fees.


Registration fees are determined according to payment date as follows:

By 31st of December 2016:

H/D 16E-21E                      110 €/week or 25 €/day

H/D 18-85, H90-95          100 €/week or 23 €/day

H/D 8-16                             55 €/week or 13 €/day

By 28th of February 2017:

H/D 16E-21E                      120 €/week or 27 €/day

H/D 18-85, H90-95          110 €/week or 24 €/day

H/D 8-16                             60 €/week or 14 €/day

By 31st of May 2017:

H/D 16E-21E                      140 €/week or 31 €/day

H/D 18-85, H90-95          130 €/week or 28 €/day

H/D 8-16                             70 €/week or 16 €/day

Late registration, by 26th of June 2017:

H/D 16E-21E                       190 €/week or 42 €/day

H/D 18-85, H90-95           180 €/week or 38 €/day

H/D 8-16                              95 €/week or 21 €/day


Cancelling registrations and changing categories

If you cancel your participation before 31st of May 2017, organizer will refund your participation fee. Organizer charge an administrative fee of 5 € per competition day for cancellations. If the participation fee is less than 30 €, organizer charge only one day administration fee 5 €. If you cancel your participation after 31st of May 2017, organizer will refund 50 % of your participation fee upon presenting an official doctor’s certificate or equivalent document.
You can change your category free of charge before 31st of May 2017. After that organizer will charge an administrative fee of 5 € for category changes.

For all questions related to registration, participation fees or category changes, please check competition web page / for instructions.

Emit punching system

The Emit punching system will be used in all categories. Provide the number of your own Emit card in connection of your registration. Otherwise, the organizer will issue you with a rental card for 15 €/week or 5 €/day.


You can rent Emit cards from the information points for 15 €/week or 5 €/day. The organizer charges 85 € for unreturned Emit cards.

You can change your Emit card (number) free of charge until 26th of June 2017. After this the organizer will charge a 3 € administrative fee for changing the number.


GPS tracking

All participants in classes H/D16-21E must be prepared to use GPS devices.


Classes and course lengths

The course lengths are long distance lengths and there is some variation day by day. Middle and sprint course lengths are based on the instructions of the Finnish Orienteering Association.


E is elite class, A is normal class, AL course lengths are shorter than in A class. B courses are technically less demanding than A class. RR and TR are for kids with guiding strip marked to the map and terrain.


Classes, male Course length (km) Classes, female Course length (km)
H21E 12 D21E 9
H20E 10 D20E 7
H18E 8 D18E 6
H16E 7 D16E 5
H21A 10 D21A 6,5
H21AL 7 D21AL 5
H21B 7 D21B 5
H35A 9 D35A 6,5
H35AL 6 D35AL 5
H40A 8 D40A 5
H40AL 5 D40AL 4
H45A 7,5 D45A 5
H45AL 5 D45AL 4
H50A 7 D50A 4
H50AL 5 D50AL 3,5
H55A 6 D55A 4
H55AL 4 D55AL 3,5
H60A 5,5 D60A 3,5
H60AL 4 D60AL 3
H65A 5 D65 3
H65AL 3,5  
H70A 4 D70 2,5
H70AL 3,5  
H75 3,5 D75 2,5
H80 3 D80 2
H85 2,5 D85 2
H90 2,5  
H95 2  
H20A 7 D20A 5
H18A 6 D18A 5
H16A 5 D16A 4
H15-18B 4 D15-18B 4
H14A 4 D14A 4
H13A 3,5 D13A 3,5
H13-14B 3 D13-14B 3
H12 3 D12 3
H12TR 2,5 D12TR 2,5
H19RR 2,5 D10RR 2,5
H9RR 2,5 D9RR 2,5
H8RR 2 H8RR 2

The classes H21AL-H70AL and D21AL-D60AL have a free starting time. That means that the competitors can choose their starting times within a time frame set by the organizers. This makes it possible to be with your children and take them to their start, for example. The competitors from one orienteering club are picked at random to start within about an hour (HD21E-H/D16E classes and classes with free starting times are excluded from this.)


The overall competition

The overall competition of the Fin5 orienteering week is determined according to the complete running time from all the competitions. Classes H/D16 and older (not H/D15-18B) have a pursuit on the last day The overall competition results in these classes are based on the order in which the competitors cross the finish line in the pursuit competition.


Competition centres

The competition centre of the first and the second day is located in Viitapohja, about 23 km northwest from Centre of Tampere. Sprint competition (4rd day) will be in the Pispala scenery near centre of Tampere. The competition centre of the final two competitions will be located in Särkänperä, about 30 km north from Centre of Tampere.


The following services will be provided in the competition centres for day 1,2 4 and5: information point, first aid, restaurant, orienteering supplies stores, sales and demonstration points, toilets, shower. The competition instructions will contain information about possible additional services.


The services at the Pispala competition center include: Information point, First Aid, guiding sign, cafe, kiosk services and toilets. Like the forest competition centers, Pispala does not offer a full restaurant service because the services of the city of Tampere are within a walking distance. A possibility for washing/shower will be organized close the competition center. There are also public beaches nearby.


Competition village

The competition centers and an info point at the city center of Tampere act as the competition village.



There are a lot of choices for accommodation in Tampere. You can choose almost anything from a cosy cottage by the lake to the tallest hotel in Finland. There are several possibilities for larger groups at hostels, hotels, camping areas – and caravan rentals. The organizers have their own accommodation service (by email accommodation@jwoc2017) that is managed by Tuija Helminen, SBMATKAT oy. More information about accommodation at our website 2017.fin5.fi.


Day care (Muksula)

The competition centres offer a “Muksula” child care facility that provides professional child care services for children over 12 months. If you sign up in advance, the fee per day is 10 €, including a juice and fruit snack. Please, register by 26th of June 2017 by using the form found from 2017.fin5.fi. When registering, please fill the form with the child’s name, age, days of participation, possible allergies, and name and telephone number of the guardian.  The on-site registration with a fee of 14 € per day is possible in case of available places.


Training opportunities

Trainings around Tampere are available, more detailed information on the competition website.



Signposts to Viitapohja (day 1&2) are placed by road Kaitavedentie (338) crossroads to road Viitapohjantie, and from the south, crossroads to Pulesjärventie. From the Tampere-Jyväskylä road (9) there are signposts at the Viitapohjanraitti intersection. It is only allowed to come to the competition centers via the roads with signposts.


Signposts to Särkänperä (day 4&5) are from Velaatantie (road number 338) at the Ilvesperäntie intersection. It is only allowed to come to the competition centers via the roads with signposts.


For the sprint (day 3), the parking is at Hakametsä Ice Stadium (Keltinkatu 2) parking space, from where there is a transport to the competition center. It is also possible to walk from the city center of Tampere. There will be signposts for walking from Pyynikintie 1 onwards.

The competition instructions will have more precise directions for reaching the competition centers.


Competition maps

Competition maps are Offset printed in May-June 2017. The scale of the maps is 1:7 5000, 1:10 000 or 1:15 000 or  with a contour interval of 5 m. The size of the map is either A4 or A3. The maps will be inside a plastic cover.  Further information in the competition instructions.

The scale of the sprint map is 1:4 000 with a contour interval of 2 m, and Offset printed.



The starts are located max 3 km from the competition centres. For the classes H/D16 and older the competition of the last day is a pursuit competition. The exact distances to the starts will be given on the competition instructions. In the first competition on June 10 the first starts happen at 1 pm.


Selection for H/D21E classes

The Organizers have the rights to limit the number of competitors in classes H21E and D21E.
Those not qualified for H/D21E will be transfered to H/D21A. The choice is made based on the IOF World Ranking, or the Finnish online ranking as of 2 June 2017, if there are no points at the IOF World Ranking.


Open courses

There is a daily choice of six different open courses and PerheRR (FamilyRR, guiding strip marked to the map and terrain) course. Start time is free on open courses.

Open courses Distance km
Open A long 8
Open A short 5
Open B long 6
Оpen B short 4
Оpen C long 5
Оpen C short 3
Family RR 2

It is recommended to make registration for the whole week in advance, but it can also be done at the competition center’s information points. Sign up in advance before 26th June 2017 using a registration form at 2017.fin5.fi. Entry fee for Family RR is same than for chidren under 14 years.

Registration fees are determined according to payment date as follows:

  Over 14-years Under 14-years
Before 31st May: 59 €/week 35 €/week
Late registration by 26th June: 69 €/week 41€/week
On-site registration: 80 €/week,  18 €/day 48 €/week , 11 €/day



Rastiralli is a functional orienteering course meant for under 8-year-olds. The length of the daily different route is approximately 0,5km. Registration to the Open course information point. Entry fees for Rastiralli are 15 €/week or 4 €/day. Every participant is awarded with a small prize.



There will be scholarship prizes for overall winners in the categories of H/D21E as follows:

  1. 2500 €
  2. 1500 €
  3. 1000 €


At the Fin5 Orienteering Week, prizes in the form of goods are given in all competitive classes based on the overall results of the week. Additionally, the winners of the first four stages will be rewarded. The amount of the prices in each class will be informed on the competition instructions. Among the open classes participants the daily prize winners are determined through a draw.


Parking and transportation

Parking areas are located 0.1 – 2 km from the competition centres Viitapohja and Särkänperä. Parking is only permitted in the parking areas indicated by the organizer.
Parking fees for cars and mobile homes are 35 €/week or 10 €/day, for buses 60 €/week or 20 €/day. Parking tickets are sold at the information points of the competition centres. The parking fees are controlled when exiting the parking area. It is forbidden to stay overnight in the parking areas. Parking for families with small children is attempted to situate nearby the competition centre.

Parking area for Sprint competition is at parking place of the Hakametsä Ice Stadium. There is bus transportation to the competition center (included in parking fee).
Bus transportation is arranged between Tampere Centre and competition centres. Signing up and payment by 26th June using a form that can be found on the competition website 2017.fin5.fi. The ticket prices for adults 30€/week or 10€/day or children under 12 years 24€/week or 8€/day.

Tickets for the buses are sold at the information points in the competition centers and the starting places of the buses, if there is space left. (those who have bought their tickets in advance are a priority.) The prices are 12€/day or 8€/direction for adults and children under 12 years 10€/day or 6€/direction.

More information  will be published on our website 2017.fin5.fi

The officials

Chief of competition:                               Markku Valkamo
Secretary General:                                    Outi Kartano +358 50 529 2696
Information coordinator:                        Outi Kartano +358 50 529 2696

Technical advisor:                                     Tapani Koskela, SSL (TA)

Course controller Viitapohja:                 Marja Molin, KangSK

Course controller Pyynikki:                    Riku Kopra, OrPo

Course controller Särkänperä:                Ilkka Kivisara, TP
Organizing club:                                         Koovee ry
Competition office:                                    Fin5 / Koovee
Address:                                                       Sarvijaakonkatu 32

FI-33540 Tampere

Email:                                                          fin5(a)koovee.fimailto:fin5@koovee.fi

Tel.                                                                +358 50 529 2696 (Mon-Fri) 9am-4pm