Date JWOC Fin5 Arena
Sun 9.7.2017 Arrival, Model event Open course orienteering
Mon 10.7.2017 Middle qualification Middle Viitapohja
Tue 11.7.2017 Middle Final Long Viitapohja
Wed 12.7.2017 Sprint Sprint Pispala
Thu 13.7.2017 Rest day / Model Event Rest day / Open course orienteering
Fri 14.7.2017 Long final Middle Särkänperä
Sat 15.7.2017 Relay Long Särkänperä
Sun 16.7.2017 Departure


Fin5 orienteering week will be arranged together with Junior World Orienteering Championships. Competition areas and arenas for Fin5 will be the same as for the JWOC races. There are five competitions during the Fin5 orienteering week ranging from sprint to middle and long distances. The elite series will also have a pursuit race on the last day.

Two forest orienteering terrains (Särkänperä, Viitapohja) are located withing 30 minutes driving distance from the city center of Tampere. The sprint arena Pispala is a unique city center neighbourhood on top of a ridge with many trails and beautiful views down to two lakes.

The week offers orienteers versatile challenges and experiences, no matter if you are beginner and open course orienteer or an expert aiming for gold.

The embargoed areas for the competition (Google Maps)