Fin5 Service shop

On our Online Store you can buy extra services for the Fin5 Orienteering week in advance. Click here to start shopping!

Kauppahallin Kotiruoka serves delicious homemade lunches for the orienteering week. Enjoy the benefits of buying early and make sure you have delicious lunches to eat . The lunch package for the whole week costs 40 euros (including lunches for five days, normally 9€/day). The lunch package for the whole week can be booked until June 26.

Other extra services, like parking, bus transportation, day care Muksula, child orienteering track Rastiralli and trainiing maps should also be bought before the Orienteering week. These services can also be booked until June 26.

Unlimited Ride Passes at Särkänniemi amusement park can also be bought with a lower price. The passes can be bought at the info desks during Fin5 week, but you can also get them before the Orienteering week starts.